Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi
2118.Cadde No:4 Çankaya/ANKARA



“Maidan Project” all started with the idea of setting up a modern project on BM Holding’s land, located on the “Eskişehir Road”, which is suitable to the living conditions and needs of our day and also a project to create a difference.

For this project, BM Holding was yearning for an idealist “partner”, who had the same vision as them. This pursuit brought them together with Ege Group in March, 2013. While establishing the manifesto of the project, they defined the project with the first article being “A prestigious project to make a difference in the standards of Ankara and İstanbul.”  And this is how the project set about.

Another article of the manifesto was “to work with a USA origin firm with strong references with international experiences for the concept”. For this purpose, the deal was closed with “Stefan Stefanou”, who was the concept designer of many sensational facilities such as Rockefeller Center in New York, Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and Wynn Hotel in Macau.

Stefanou’s main purpose for this project was to establish the most popular “maidan” in Ankara. What he had in mind was to combine elegant and functional offices with a “maidan” which would ever wear off even after many years.

He worked on various details from the integrity of illumination to the integration with aesthetic objects, from the balancing of the landscape with water to the sizing of the common spaces to arouse both a sensation of space and sincerity.

As these corner stones were combined with the best landscape architects and illuminating engineers in their fields in Turkey and the best design office, what we see as Maidan came to light today.

Our aim from now on is to make “Maidan” live through and enhance as a brand with a sense of management utterly different from the likes of.

We believe that this project will bring a whole new standard in the arena of our modern-day business and life centers and we wish Maidan to go further with its mounting popularity in the upcoming years.